Why I Became So Passionate About Nutrition

The "WHY" - Why Did I Dive Into The Nutrition World Head First?

I have always been interested in health and fitness, from a young age I would play team sports and always remained slim and in-shape. My parents were conscious of health too, which definitely helped when I was growing up. My dad used to make me a "healthy sandwich" which was my favorite, - full of salad and meat, and a little bit of cheese, and despite the hatred towards bread these days, back then it wasn't considered Satan's food. As I grew up, I became much more aware of nutrition and how it effects health, unfortunately I suffered with acne as a teenager, so I would tweak my diet as necessary to avoid breakouts - don't get me wrong - I was still very much a teenager and If i wanted chocolate, I bloody well ate it. 

My nutrition and health awareness really came into play when i moved to Kuwait, I had just signed a contract with a British school and I worked there for 2 years. My health declined quite severely, and it well self-sabotage at its best. I took a drug called 'Ro-accutane' on and off for 3 years. This drug should be taken for a maximum of 12 months - however, I self prescribed it myself and hoped for the best. As a result of my foolishness, my digestion was horrific, my skin was dry, cracked and sore, my hair was falling out, and my periods were, quite frankly, horrific. I knew it was all because of this darn "Accutane" and the damaging affects it had caused. Once i came off the drug, everything became worse. My skin was so inflamed and spotty, my periods were 9 days long, heavy, painful, and I had insane PMS, which caused me to become a psycho biatch for 9 days of each month. I also had developed melasma above my upper lip, which resembled a moustache - attractive right? melasma is characterized by a darkening of skin in patches on the face. Typically it appears on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin. It is thought to be caused by hormonal imbalance.

All of these symptoms were a clear sign that my health was at damaging downhill somersault. 

I made an effort to eat "healthy" - but the damage was done, and everything I was consuming wasn't been absorbed properly in my body because my digestion was out of whack - which left me nutrient, mineral and fatty acid deficient - not a great combo let me tell you.

This is an old picture - please excuse the quality.

Another reason why nutrition and health are so important, and a person who is very close to my heart - My Granddad. 

My grandad is the most thoughtful, caring, gentle and humble man you could ever wish to meet. In 2013, I lost my grandma to cancer, my grandad lost his soulmate, his wife, his best friend of 70 years. 
In the 3 years my grandma was sick with cancer, my granddad's health, unbeknown to the family, had rapidly deteriorated. We were all so caught up with my grandma, that we hadn't noticed the changes in my granddad. He had become very confused, he couldn't remember things, he forgot where he parked the car, forgot how to use new devices around the house, and would tell the same story he told you 20 minutes ago, with no recollection that he had just told you that same story. It broke my heart to see such an important person in my life become so vulnerable. 

It's been 5 years since my Grandma passed away, and in those 5 years, my granddad's alzheimers became worse and worse. At first - he was still the same old Martin, making everybody laugh, he would just make us laugh about the same things more often. It even became a comedy show in our house - because my granddad would confuse stories he had heard from others, and make them his own. He became so confused that he believed he fought Mohamed Ali in the boxing ring, he believed he was singing on stage with the Beatles, and he believed Frank Sinatra was his best friend. It gave the whole family a real giggle for some time - but gradually the condition develops - and my granddad deteriorated more and more. 

My granddad is now presently (April 2018) in a care home. He doesn't really know who anybody is - he sleeps for most of the time because his medication sucks all the energy from him. It's actually a struggle to talk to him these days because he doesn't have the mental capacity to find a common topic with you. The very few things I can talk to him about are the weather, or things from his past, and I very much doubt he knows i'm his granddaughter whilst were discussing these things.

Anyway - i'm waffling. The point is - I've had so many different events happen in my life which have affected my own health, and the people around me - I don't want this to happen again. Whenever I read a new book about health or nutrition, I instantly test it out, advise the people I love around me, and hope I can help a lot more people in the future. I feel that my career is drawn towards helping people, and I am so passionate about healing through nutrition that I believe this is the right road for me.

Unfortunately, my granddad is too far gone in his condition to be reversed. Our family strive to be around him as much as possible, with my dad visiting daily (what a legend!}. I hope that my continuous education, my nutritional therapy studies, and my own health experiences can really help prevent illness and disease from hurting the people I love once again. 

And for the record, I have absolutely 100% healed my acne, my periods last 4 days from start to finish, my melasma is nearly gone, and my digestion is TREMENDOUS, if you know what I mean. All this has been achieved through serious nutrition and health awareness in the last 6 months. 

The present (2018)



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