My top foods for great skin!

I have comprised a list of foods that have personally been a GOD-SENT to me in clearing up my skin conditions (yes all three of them!) - I repeat (acne, melasma eczema - all improved when I ate these particular foods on a daily basis!). The trick is to get a good balance of all the nutrients our body requires. Our skin is the last place to retrieve the nutrients that we absorb from food, so if our skin is breaking out and inflamed, then something on the inside is preventing the transportation of nutrients to our skin. 

Eating a healthy diet full of nutritious foods is the best place to start. I have listed my top foods that have really helped with my health journey and getting my skin back on the road to repair and rejuvenation! I eat these foods on a daily basis with the exception of salmon, which I probably eat twice a week!



One of my all time favorite foods - AVOCADO. This magical little fruit is full of healthy fats, it helps to balance moisture in the skin as well as transport oxygen around the body (and to our skin!). It's packed with nutrients and provides 17 essential vitamins to the body! It's also packed with fibre which helps to speed along the digestion and rid out any toxins from the colon and intestines!



Coconut Oil

Next up we have Coconut Oil. Another healthy saturated fat which an excellent choice for great overall health. I tend to eat a spoonful of this a day AT least, and use it in all of my sauté cooking. Coconut oil helps regulate blood sugar (And blood sugar is one of the main reasons why our skin breaks out!). So consume this daily to help your skin. You can also use this as a moisturizer and you're skin will glow! 

Make sure you buy extra virgin coconut oil from a reputable brand. 


Dark Chocolate

Now now, don't get too excited. This isn't dairy milk, Hershey's or Kitkat kind of chocolate. This is a very high quality, organic dark chocolate, which should be over 70/80% to see the benefits and to absorb the nutrients. I've found dark chocolate very beneficial for overall health and it doesn't make me break out which is awesome! Make sure you check the ingredients on the label always! I make sure to avoid SOY at all costs in any food I buy as it breaks me out like crazy. This could be your trigger too. Always read the labels and opt for a low sugar dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a good source of magnesium which helps to regulate hormones and keeps us calm, happy and stress free! So indulge ladies!!





Lemon Ginger Tea

Every morning, I make a cup of lemon ginger tea which helps to detoxify my liver. The liver is a vital organ which is used as a toxic waste disposal system, so you should take care of it if you want to have glowing skin. Chop up some lemon, squeeze into a mug, and grate some fresh ginger into the cup with some hot water and maybe a dash of honey if you're a little sour-faced. The ginger and lemon combination will help any inflammation in the body, it will also help to stimulate your digestive juices easing the job on your other organs! 



Salmon! My lovely salmon! I LOVE salmon.

It tastes so good, it melts in your mouth, and what's more - its totally nutritious and a skin super-food! It contains many crucial vitamins and minerals our body needs to function optimally. Packed with omega 3 fatty acids. Make sure you buy Wild caught Salmon. Famed salmon is full of hormones and is fed grains. f you really don't like fish, please please please take a cod-liver oil supplement. Your body needs these omega 3's to function and to help your skin to glow again!




Wow. Blueberries are so yummy and packed with anti-oxidants. I love to use them in my yogurt bowls, I freeze fresh blueberries and put them in my goats-milk yogurt and mix with nut butter. It tastes PHENOMENAL. Blueberries also contain essential minerals our body needs and drastically reduce overall inflammation in our bodies. So eat more blueberries, your skin will thank you! 



Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are low in calories but very high in nutrients making them a wonderful overall food! They are rich in Vitamin C & K and offer so many vital nutrients to help your immune system fight off disease and regain health. I roast mine with coconut oil and garlic, they are truly delicious. You can also saute them lightly in butter and add bacon for a real yummy side to your meal! So so delicious.