The Importance Of Vitamin D For Skin & Overall Health


Now that summer is approaching, or has already approached, unless you live in New England like me where the weather is always up and down, then you know "THE BIG D" is about to show his face, and he's here for a few months... So why is vitamin D so important to our health?


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a mega important element of our health which many of us are deficient in. 
Unfortunately, that 2 week vacation a year in the Maldives isn't going to make up for the daily dosage of vitamin D required. Especially as women, Vitamin D is needed to regulate our hormonal health, promote healthy fertility and to support our immune system. 

The average amount of time you should spend in the sun everyday to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D is dependent on your skin tone, however, as a roundabout estimate, you should spend minimum of 25-30 minutes a day in the sunshine. During the winter months when you are unable to get out, or its too cold, you should supplement with a Vitamin D3 supplement. 

Avoiding the sun - the dangers.

What if you avoid the sun? Well in the case of melasma, and other inflammatory skin conditions, we are sometimes skeptical of going out in the sun from fear of darkening or more discoloration. 
It is imperative that you get your dose of vitamin D ladies! If that means wearing a hat and getting the rest of your body out in the sun, then that's the next best option!

Vitamin D has so many important roles in the body, it would be LUDICROUS to avoid the sun. Baring in mind - melasma comes from the inside so trying to balance hormones as much as possible is the key to reversing the discoloration.  

In other news, have you ever been on holiday and your skin suddenly clears of acne, eczema or Psoriasis? There is a reason for this. The strong immune fighting powers of vitamin D helps to speed up the healing process of your body, fighting inflammation directly from the skin and absorbing throughout your body to allow the anti-inflammatory processes to kick in and relieve your skin. 

Estrogen Dominance

Another point to mention is that low vitamin D promotes estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is one of the main causes of infertility and the root of a laundry list of symptoms and hormone-related disease in women. A study in 2010 showed that high doses of vitamin D lowered estradiol (one type of estrogen) and progesterone - which is one of the most common imbalances found amongst women with PMS, acne, melasma, and low libido. Sound like you? Get some more Vitamin D ladayyy!!



You can help to prevent some types of hormonal imbalances by avoiding a vitamin D deficiency. Moderate sun exposure - possibly between the hours of 10am-2pm (but anytime would be great). -- allows your skin to make vitamin D to sustain your hormone levels. If you live in a high-latitude climate or receive little sun exposure, you may require additional vitamin D intake via fortified foods or dietary supplements. 

If you want more advice on this i'm happy to help :) drop me a comment in the box below and i'll respond as quick as a button!

Hope you ladies are having a lovely week -



Beth xx