Is Candida causing your skin inflammation?

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body, it can control your energy levels, your mood, your sex drive and your appearance



What on earth is Candida/yeast overgrowth?

I have come to the conclusion that for me personally, my hormonal imbalance has caused candida to overgrow in body. I recently experienced a lot of small tiny bumps of acne all over my face, and I was in absolute shock because my diet has been so "clean" and previously I had cleared my acne. What had changed I thought? The weather. When you have a yeast overgrowth, or the type of yeast "Candida" you will experience a severe increase in symptoms when the weather becomes warm. Yeast loves warm damp environments, so the humidity really brings out the yeast on our skin. This can take appear in the form of acne, melasma, eczema or psoriasis. Have you ever noticed the morning after drinking wine or beer your skin appears worse? That's because those alcoholic drinks have a high yeast content, which feeds the candida and therefore inflames your skin. 


There are so many reasons why candida can grow in the body. Our bodies are supposed to have yeast in our bodies naturally, but the problem occurs when it grows out of control. A few reasons for overgrowth could be:

- High-sugar/fast food diet.
- Stress
- Too much wine/beer
- Anti-biotics
- Low stomach acid (from poor diet!)
- Pregnancy (hormonal change)
- Birth control pill


I honestly think that modern medicine are missing a trick. They believe certain skin conditions are related to one cause. For example, Melasma, many doctors will say its hormonal. However, women are left dissapointed when their melasma fails to disappear once they give birth, or stop the birth control pill. Why? I believe its because the problem of hormones has developed into a yeast overgrowth, so we must attack both problems to cure the issue.

How do we fix the problem?

First of all, if you know me well, you know I hate all forms of birth control or medications, so unless its absolutely necessary I recommend you get off them immediately and seek alternatives to cure your skin condition. Secondly, yeast loves SUGAR and anything that breaks down as sugar in the body so you must go on a strictly low sugar/low carb diet. I would recommend trying the ketogenic diet as that offers good healthy alternatives by swapping carbs for high healthy fats and good quality proteins. 
I would also recommend trying to take some natural anti-fungal supplements, such as "oregano oil" "grapefruit seed capsule" and "caprylic acid" (which is found in coconut oil) as well as consuming apple cider vinegar in warm water to fight off the bad yeast and help build up good bacteria in the gut. 


How long does it take?

Honestly, it can take a long time. Your body hasn't developed a yeast overgrowth over night and so it will not recover from one that way. You must expect to be on a strict low carb/low sugar diet for at least 3 months to see some improvements. I would highly recommend cutting out wine and beer until then too, substituting for Vodka and soda water with lime (which is very low sugar!) or something with very little sugar like a Gin and Slimline Tonic.

What other symptoms are a sign of a yeast overgrowth?

- Dandruff
- Nail fungus
- Vaginal Yeast Infection
- Fatigue throughout the day
- Gas after eating carbohydrates
- Low sex drive
- Poor quality sleep
- Constipation/Diarrhea
- Craving sugar constantly


The nice thing is, if you follow this diet, you will not only kill off the yeast, you will balance your hormones naturally and very likely loose some weight in the meantime. Its truly worth a shot and I recommend it for anybody suffering with skin issues.
If you want more in-depth information about a Candida diet, or how to tackle the yeast overgrowth, drop me a comment and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.



Love as always,

Beth xxx