5 Things Your Acne Is Telling You About Your Health

What is your acne telling you about your health?


I'd like to take a professional shot in the dark,learning from my education and clients, I have discovered that almost 95% of acne cases are caused by an internal cause. There is very little to no research to show that acne is caused by 'not cleansing' or sleeping on an unwashed pillow case. 

The fact is, your acne is sign that your body is inflamed, and your skin is your largest organ therefore it will release its toxins through the skins barrier. How can we help our bodies from being inflamed? Well lets look at some of the causes of inflammation. 



1. Food
What did you expect, i'm a nutritional therapist after all..
You are eating foods that are irritating and causing inflammation. Food that are high on the glycemic index, like processed and refined carbohydrates, (donuts, bread, even pasta) can be an unexpected cause of acne. Dairy products can also aggravate zits, so if you're breaking out a lot, it might be time to take a good look at your diet and swap in more fresh fruits and veggies. It's also worth investing in a good quality food allergy test, as you could be eating something a s healthy as tomatoes and be breaking out.


2. You are stressed out!

Acne isn't just a result of environmental health factors. Your acne can be a sign of your emotional well-being, since feeling stressed out can cause breakouts and inflammation. You should focus on getting regular exercise as this releases happy hormones! You could also write a "gratitude journal" expressing what you are grateful for and relay these things back to yourself in times of high stress. Yoga is also awesome to relieve stress, (as you know, I love yoga!). even better hot yoga - sweat out the toxins whilst de-stressing, win win!



3. Your hormones are out of whack!

Tell me something I don't know, hormones are the cause of all inflammation, but why do they become imbalanced? - Basically when you aren't fueling your body with enough high nutrient dense foods, our bodies cannot function properly. This causes a lot of stress in the body causing our hormones to over-work (they are the controllers and signalers in our bodies), this can then lead to sluggish digestion, mood swings, cravings, blood sugar dysfunction, energy problems and, you said it, acne. 



4. You're not getting enough sleep

I'm not being dramatic with this one. One bad nights sleep can cause your whole system to feel under-stress and the function will likely be effected too. This means your digestion isn't as sprightly, your energy is poor, your hormones aren't getting the fuel they need, and the spiral goes on. Final note - get more sleep!! It really contributes towards optimal health. A little tip - write a summary of your day before bed and let your mind wander whilst you do this - write down thoughts and feelings. Make this your last activity of the night allowing your phone to already be put on charge and away from you. Journaling before bed helps to get all the thoughts out on paper, meaning you will drift off to sleep without any crazy ideas popping up. 




5. Your skin is irritated by the harsh chemicals!

When you have acne, your immediate thoughts are to buy a face wash, lotion, moisturizer, topical cream or face mask to help eliminate the red devil spawns on your face - although this is advertised as the Number 1 thing to do when you have acne, please refrain. Find yourself a very gentle face wash, with a minimum of 10 ingredients - same stands for your moisturizer and serums - these are much more likely to soothe your skin, rather than irritate and cause more inflammation. Remember - what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies. It all gets absorbed through the same pathway. Look for organic and natural products and always check the labels.