Results from a 48 hour water fast!


Oh the fear of doing a fast - the fear of not eating food for a whole 48 hours, how will I ever survive?

(it was fine honestly)


So as most of my Instagram followers will know (or the ones who watch my stories).. I got back from vacation feeling sluggish, my digestion was off, my acne was the worst it had been in a while, and I just felt overall GROGGY. Don't get me wrong - it was self inflicted - but I wanted to give my body a break for a few days by completing a fast, and I was so impressed with the results, that I continued a soup only fast for a further 48 hours.

What is a fast?

A fast is ones own decision to abstain from food and drink for a period of time. It has been raved about for its great health benefits. Many cultures and religions fast for religious holidays to show sacrifice and bravery - however in the health world - fasting has taken a new shine and has been proven to have some amazing health benefits for the body. 
My fast allowed me to drink water - and I fasted for 48 hours just on water.

How did I feel?

I felt great, honestly. Towards the end of the first day of fasting I was really hungry, my belly was grumbling, I wanted to scoff everything in sight. Even worse, I had to cook dinner for the kids I take care of which was absolute torture. However, I battled through knowing my digestion was getting a really nice well deserved break. The second day, I woke up feeling energetic, and I did not feel hungry at all. This continued throughout the whole second day, I actually went to a power yoga class because I felt so full of energy and ready to go. Don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic when I finally got to eat, but my body felt better, and my skin had improved so overall I was very happy with the outcome of the fast. 

What are the benefits of fasting?

- Detoxification -

Fasting allows your body to detoxify - our digestion generally takes up a lot of energy so when we stop eating for a period of time it provides the body with more energy to carry out other tasks such as flushing out the system.

- Digestive Re-set -
It allows our digestion to reset and to "get rid" of all the unwanted garbage dumped in our large intestines from our bad food choices.

- Blood sugar balance -
Believe it or not, abstaining from food for a given amount of time can help regulate blood sugar levels, therefore balancing out our hormones. People who do this regularly, also known as (intermittent fasting) find great improvements in their blood sugar levels and overall energy.

- Helps to narrow down skin issues and allergies -
 If you have acne or any type of inflammatory skin issue, and you abstain from food for 48 hours or more, and your skin improves - you can guarantee your issue is caused by a food your eating. This can be a great tool to use when starting an elimination diet, and trying to find out the foods that cause your body to become inflamed.


There are many others reasons to water fast. However it is a commitment, and you MUST drink lots and lots of water throughout the day to avoid feeling super tired and dizzy. Especially during the summer, you need to take good care when doing a water fast.



What did I gain from it?

Well since doing the water fast, my skin improved a lot. It has now prompted me to start an elimination diet to find out what food is triggering my skin to become inflamed. I will now be eating a very basic diet of just good quality meat chicken or fish, organic vegetables, and cutting out all allergenic foods such as eggs, soy, corn, all nightshade vegetables, gluten, sugar and dairy products. 

I also felt better in general, my energy levels were sky rocketing, my skin had cleared up and my complexion looked more even, my skin also wasn't producing as much oil. 

I will update the blog next Monday with the exact elimination diet I used, and how I eventually pinpointed the culprit to my inflammation without buying an expensive food allergy test.

Love as always,
Beth xxx