About Beth

Nutritional therapist ; health coach ; hormone & gut geek


I'm Beth. I'm a nutritional therapy consultant, born and bred in the UK, and now living in the lovely Boston USA. 
I’m a fully certified nutritional therapist (NTC) along with a health coach certification from pnn (Prescision nutrition)

I specialize in womens health, especially hormonal & gut related skin conditions.

I’ve been there, trust me…

Through my own personal story, I realized how much stress can impact the whole body. 3 years ago is when my health was at its very worst, i’d just gone through a terrible break up and an abusive relationship, I moved abroad to work, and I started a life in a completely different country. On top of that I was taking the prescribed drug “ro-accutane” for persistent acne, which set the stage for all the inflammation to creep in. I noticed my digestion was never right, i’d have loose stools, gas and bloating after most foods and i’d get in from work and crash on the sofa relying on sugar to keep my energy levels up. on top of that, i had this terrible grey shadow above my upper lip that wouldn’t budge. it’s called melasma - and it ran its course on my confidence over the years.

I was 24 years old and i coulnd’t understand why all this was happening to me.
I adopted different diets over the years, hoping they would relieve my symptoms, some did some didn’t.
since addressing my gut health, my blood sugar and lowering my stress, i have seen my melasma all but dissapear, my digestion is much better, my acne is healing by the day.

It wasn’t until i started to turn to reading books, and started my nutrition and holistic journey by investing in my certifications that i really turned my health around. i can confidently say that i am really healing from the inside out, my skin is reflecting the changes in my body, my acne is healing ,my melasma is almost gone (and it doesn’t get darker in the sun).

Since studying nutrition i have become obsessed with how the body works and how it heals itself with the proper care, lifestyle changes, nutritional changes and supplement choices.
I have seen my own body change so much, my health improve and my happiness sore.

if you want to explore your health more, heal for good, and re-gain your confidence, i’d be absolutely delighted and honored to help you.

In health & happiness,




Fun facts about me:

  • I was once a qualified elementary school teacher

  • I lived in Kuwait for 2 years

  • I have a deformed thumb from a childhood accident

  • I used to pretend my dad was an icecream man because I thought it was cool.

  • My boyfriend is American, and I, am British.

  • I hate pickles - eurrrrrghh.

  • My favorite food is Salmon

  • I got stung by a jellyfish when I was 8

  • I worked as an Au Pair in Boston for 1 year

  • I skydived out of a plane in 2018!

  • I'm terrible at Math.

  • My degree was in English & Drama 

  • I wish I was a mermaid

  • My biggest fear is sharks

  • I'd love to interview serial killers