Reveal & Rejuvenate

$199 one time fee

reveal & rejuvenate is a service whereby i investigate all your symptoms, your lifestyle, your food diary and your history, i put all the information into an online nutrition program and it will generate areas of concern based on your answers to the survey. i will investigate each area carefully and provide a detailed plan, along with supplement recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and food recommendations. you will also be given a free re-evaluation, 8 weeks after you start the protocol, to see how you’ve improved since undergoing the new healthy you. i can also carry out a in-home food sensitivity test as part of this package, depending on your syptoms.

  • 20 minute discovery call to discuss goals/health concerns - before initially buying package

  • One 60 minute nutritional evaluation call - to chat personally about your issues, your goals, your lifestyle, your history, your current diet and much more. I want to know everything possible in order to get a real sense for the issues you are facing and the way it makes you feel!

  • A 3 day food diary analysis with recommendations, changes, and feedback.

  • Customized, individual plan to implement moving forward - I use all the information you gave me, plus all your symptoms to design your plan completely customized to you. You will follow this plan for 6 weeks depending on progress.

  • Detailed supplement recommendations - I provide links and details of all supplements. I also stock my own theraputic brand of supplements which I highly recommend.


Adjustment& Advice.

  • $99 per hour •

1 hour session to follow up on current protocol - make adjusments, amendments, and suggestions on how to move forward. we will also re-evaluate your current plan, your symptoms after 12 weeks, and make a whole new plan.

  • 30 minute catch up call to discuss how the plan is going - any reactions/feelings/changes - and we set a plan in place moving forward to suit the needs of your current symptoms

  • Re-evaluation of symptoms using online questionnaire.

  • Adjustments made to plan & emailed to you.






To book your free discovery call to discuss your goals inquire below! Thank-you lovely ladies!