Where My Journey Began..


I guess you could say I was an emotional mess when my skin was at its worst. I would spend HOURS just picking, prodding and staring at my face. I would obsess over it. I would literally carry round a pocket mirror to check and cover the areas of my skin that were blemished 5 times an hour. It was an obsession. If i'm honest, it still is. 
The only difference now, is that I've decided to use my knowledge and understanding of the skin and nutrition to help others. Don't get me wrong, I still have problems with my skin, but they are manageable and i'm slowly taking back control. 

My first skin problems started when I was around 19, I would get acne on my back, my chest, and my forehead. Tiny little bumps that covered all over. I look back now, and think it was nowhere near as bad as what It was later in life. But being young, naive and desiring to look my best, I bought a drug called "Isotretinoin" or generically known as 'Accutane' off a very sketchy website in India, as my doctor would not prescribe it to me without taking several other antibiotics first. I started to take the tablet once a day 20mg, and within a month, my skin was super clear and baby soft. I continued to take this drug for 2 years without any check ups on my health or thinking about the damage it was causing

I finished my teacher training degree and got offered a job in Kuwait (next to Dubai!) and started teaching out there. I stopped taking the drug (accutane) as I ran out and they wouldn't deliver to the middle east, and my acne, came back worse than ever. It was all over my face, jaw, chin, cheeks, forehead, back, chest. It was horrific. Little had I realized that alongside my acne, I had very poor digestion, I would get terrible stomach pains after most foods, which would prevent me from sleeping, and I had developed a horrible brown patch above my upper lip which resembled a mustache. What the EFF is going on!!! 


I stayed off the accutane, came off my birth control and tried to allow my body to detox. My acne was fiery red, I would get 5-6 new pimples every day, and my self-confidence had hit rock bottom with my new found mustache adding to the mix. 

I then met my boyfriend, we moved to Boston (where he's from) and a new problem added to the list. Eczema. I started getting eczema breakouts on my face. I felt like ripping my skin off and starting fresh. 

In the present...

It's took around 1.5 years to finally discover what nutrition and diet and gentle skin care keeps my skin clear, and what had caused all these problems in the first place. I'm sure you've already guessed, accutane was definitely a big contribution towards my developing skin issues, but so much more about my lifestyle had taken its toll on my skin.

Now presently in 2018 (February). I feel in control. I feel driven to help others. Like I said, my skin is not perfect. You wont walk past me in the street and think "Wow, her skin is amazing what does she use?" because I've got a long way to go before i'm there. But, trust me, through healing my skin from the inside out, I have made things so much better.